HETCH is much more than an ordinary office space, it's a community of start-ups and bright-minded individuals. A community which inspires, motivates and challenges will drive your business forward. By offering a space where tech companies of different sizes and phases can interact and learn from each other, HETCH enables all its members to better innovate, disrupt, and expand their businesses.


Prisma is a unique building in Helsingborgs new city district Oceanhamnen. Wihlborgs vision for Prisma is to become a reputable tech centre, where HETCH adds value for the companies and people in the building. Prisma is drawn by Erik Giudice Architects, which has offices in Paris, Malmö and Stockholm. The architecture was inspired by the light, the views toward Denmark and the constantly moving ferries. This results in a building with graceful, maritime lines, an airy atmosphere and a playful facade.



A Flex membership gives you the opportunity to sit wherever you want in our co-working space. Just bring your computer, have a coffee/tea and enjoy our common outdoor workplace. In your membership we also offer the opportunity to use our meeting rooms, printers and more.


A Fix membership gives you a private desk and a private chair in our co-working space. Choose if you would like to have your desk in our quiet or more open landscape.


Defined but flexible areas for groups of 2–30 people, studio-like spaces with sizes that can easily be modified to meet new needs including additional group members. The studios are specially designed for companies that want their own space but in a creative environment that inspires innovation.

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